Healthy Multiplicity and Tulpæ

Healthy multiplicity is the state of the body, where more than one mind can inhabit the body and coexist with each other peacefully. But between psychologists and the general population, multiplicity is more commonly looked at as a mental disorder, either as DID, MPD or DDNOS. There are few reasons for why multiplicity is currently viewed mostly from this perspective. One of those is that it is common to think that in one body there should be only one mind, because people are born with only one mind (or so you are told at least) and you have seen so many people with only one mind, so this can seem natural. The other is that  multiples are usually badly portrayed in fiction, both in the sense that real multiples don't have some of the traits that are given to them and also in the sense that they aren't necessarily bad.  Another reason is that, because of the previous reasons and how multiplicity is mainly viewed as a disorder, healthy multiples are reluctant to show themselves in real life, which further makes it easier to look at multiplicity as a disorder. And the last one is that some minds can have problem living together, but in most cases this is like when people in that have to live together have some problems doing so, but they shouldn't get diagnosed with a disorder for that and have all but one mind killed; instead they should go to someone and get help with their relationship, help them understand their differences and live with them.

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Doubting Sentience due to Time

I think most of us have read FAQman's guide and other stuff he wrote on the site, which includes the current version of the FAQ, the glossary and other guides. I think you also read how sentience needs at least ~25 hours to be achieved and a lot of personality work done during this time. You have probably seen some movements from your tulpa before this hour mark, but figured it was only you puppeting the tulpa. After all, it must have been you - the tulpa didn't move much after that and if it was really sentient, then it would be moving a lot.  So, certainly it can't be a sign of sentience. You might have even heard a voice in your head that didn't seem to be yours, but there is no reason to think it's the tulpa's voice because you have no sign of sentience yet. So how could it possibly be able to communicate with you at this point?
But you have to wonder: why are there others that achieved sentience much faster than you did? Didn't FAQman say it can't be done before ~25 hours of work on your tulpa? So then how can there be so many people that achieved it before that time? Continue reading